Crossly iOS

Classic Crosswords, Friendly Competition

Compete Head-To-Head To Prove Your Crossword Prowess

Challenge your Game Center friends or random opponents to a turn-based match of Crosswords. Each new game randomly generates a puzzle from a database of thousands of clues, ensuing virtually unlimited game play. With each correct clue, you will accumulate points, gaining a point for each letter in the clue, and stealing a point from any of your opponent’s intersecting answers.


Pencil Words
to Build Your Strategy!

Penciling allows you to work on the board at any time, changing answers and adjusting your strategy as more words are completed. Plus, all penciled words are saved, even when the app is offline!

Pencil Mode

Use Peeks to Reveal Letters!

For hard-to-guess clues, you can use a Peek to reveal a letter of your choice. (Only you can see the letter you peeked!) Win Peeks just for finishing games, or you can earn them by sharing Crossly over social media. Need even more? A Peek Pack can be purchased in-app.


Play in Style!
Choose a Theme to Fit Your Personality!

You can play Crossly as much as you want for free. But you can also upgrade to the ad-free Premium Mode for the "pay what you want" price of $.99, $1.99, or $2.99. Upgrading earns you 15 extra Peeks and access to colorful themes to personalize your Crossly game experience!

  • Theme 1
  • Theme 2
  • Theme 3
  • Steal Words &
    Send Personalized Taunts!

    If your opponent misses a word, you can steal for an extra turn and the chance to send a personalized photo Taunt! Use the front or back camera to capture your moment of victory and rub it good-naturedly in their face. (In the interest of privacy, Taunts may only be sent between Game Center friends.)

    (Unicorn mask not included)

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