Crossly iOS

Classic Crosswords, Friendly Competition

  • Unlimited gameplay with 50,000+ clues
  • Solve clues (and steal points) to prove your verbal superiority.
  • Photo Taunt-sending fun (optional, but recommended)
  • Ad-free upgrade for just 99 cents

A Battle of Wits, Minus the Poison

There comes a time in every friendship when it must be decided: are you the hero or the sidekick? The Maverick or the Goose? Finally, you can avoid a battle to the death and establish who reigns supreme with Crossly – the addictive game where you solve clues, steal points and taunt your friends. Huzzah!


Poach Points with Peeks

Say there’s a clue on the board, but you’re not 100% sure about the answer. Use a Peek to see your letter of choice. Your opponent won’t be able to see it, but they’ll feel the burn when you snap up those points. (Win extra Peeks for sharing Crossly on social media. Or take control of your Peek destiny, and buy a Peek Pack in-app.)

Pencil Mode

Taunt and Be Taunted

We know that traditionally crosswords have been a solitary pleasure, like Hot Pockets and reality TV. But where you add a competitive element, Taunts must follow. Crossly’s Taunt feature lets you send a personalized photo Taunt to your opponent every time they miss a word and good-naturedly rub their face in it. (In the interest of decency and the public good, Taunts may only be sent between Game Center friends.)

(Unicorn mask not included.)


Penciling Is Your Friend

Use Crossly’s Penciling feature to work ahead – even when it’s not your turn – so you’re prepared to strike as soon as your opponent misses. Your work will be saved, even when the app is offline.

Pencil Mode

Want the Ad-Free,
Swagger-Plus Experience?

Play as much as you want for free, or upgrade to our ad-free Premium Mode for the “pay what you want” price of $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99. You’ll get 15 extra Peeks and access to a variety of themes to personalize your Crossly experience. You do you.

  • Theme 1
  • Theme 2
  • Theme 3